Because WiFi is more important
than running water.

We craft future-proof WiFi experiences

Fastest WiFi speeds in the industry

The WiFi hardware we use has been deployed in 75% of the world's hospitality market. Our students achieve multi-megabit download speeds... ideal not just for studies, but for online gaming and video sites such as Netflix and YouTube.

Future-proof designs

Ok, nothing lasts forever. Our network designs consider the needs of your student residents not just today, but several years out, ensuring the investment you make today lasts into the future.

Wireless coverage guarantee

When you sign-off on our WiFi design recommendations, we'll guarantee strong wireless signal coverage for as long as we're managing the WiFi at your student housing property.

Competitive pricing

Our design, installation, and support services are the most competitive in the industry. You can count on our experience to save you money while providing unparalleled technical support to your student residents and admin staff.

No contracts

We'll never lock you into a contract. Our business has achieved success by delivering on our promise of awesome service. We rely on customer happiness, not contracts, to keep our customers.

100% Canadian

We care about your data. That's one of the reasons why our service is 100% hosted in Canada and supported by Canadians.