Nearly 100% of our customers come from referrals of existing customers.

Why choose Point of Presence?

  • Ten years ago, as a WiFi startup, spending thousands of dollars on a phone system wasn’t an option. We built our own PBX using open-source industry-standard software and hardware.
  • We have decades of experience building Internet and voice services.
  • Since we built our own solution, we don’t pay huge licensing fees to PBX manufacturers. Those savings means a lower price for your business.
  • Our platform is built using highly available hardware in Canada’s most connected data centre.

More features than you can shake a stick at.

Every PBX feature included. The industry's simplest pricing.

Fully managed solution

Our cloud-based PBX is housed in our secure data centre. Even if your office Internet or power fails, we'll still answer calls. Perfect for disaster recovery.

Intelligent call routing

Automatically route unanswered office calls to your cellphone. We'll still take voicemail, even if you can't pick-up.

Grow as you do!

Business taking off? Congrats, let's get those new staff added! Our PBX will grow with you.

Professional announcements

We'll work with you to create your Auto-Attendant (IVR) call flows. After we get it right, we'll even provide a professional voice actor to record the announcements.

Competitive pricing

Our Cloud PBX service is aimed at cost-sensitive businesses of three or more users. We're a fraction of the cost of a traditional hardware PBX platform.

No contracts

We'll never lock you into a contract. Our business has achieved success by delivering on our promise of awesome service. We rely on customer happiness, not contracts, to keep our customers.

Uncomplicated support

Our ``front end`` is our people. Setting up phone services is hard. Need something updated, changed, deleted, tweaked? Email or call our support team. We'll talk to you about your business and handle the ``complicated stuff`` for you.

No more phone lines to buy

With our Cloud PBX you don't have to pay for phone lines anymore.

Standards based

Our services and phone hardware are based on industry standard protocols. You will never be ``locked in`` to our service solution.

100% Canadian

We care about your data. That's one of the reasons why our service is 100% hosted in Canada and supported by Canadians.